Sleep is for the Weak

The positive response to ForkLift 2 has been overwhelming, and we’d like to send out our sincere thanks to the armada of new users, as well as all the loyal fans who have upgraded. Your support is essential to the continuing development of ForkLift.

We’ve been slaving away squashing all your bug reports and sleeping only a few hours a night. Three releases since the launch, 2.0.1 – 2.0.4, have taken down many of the worst offenders. We will continue to focus on bug fixes and stability improvements before we dive back into the feature express leading up to v2.1.

Don McAllister at ScreenCastsOnline put together a comprehensive overview of ForkLift, walking through everything from basic features to more complex elements like Stacks, Workspaces, Syncing, Multi-Renaming, managing Favorites, the new Transfer Manager and more. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this screencast is an entire novel of ForkLift knowledge:

Click to Play

Two other things on our plate keeping us from sleeping: finishing up the documentation for v2.0, and getting the forums back up and spam-free. We’re evaluating several platforms to find the best solution and will have something up soon.

Thanks for your patience, and keep the great feedback coming! You guys keep us going!

25 thoughts on “Sleep is for the Weak”

  1. David says:

    Excellent work. You’ve created a fantastic file manager and FTP client that really is a joy to use. If I don’t win the ScreenCastsOnline competition, Forklift will be my first purchase after I buy my first Mac. 🙂

  2. Pascal says:

    Don’s ScreenCast is how I got to know Forklift. I bought it immediately after watching it and am glad I did, it’s the Finder replacement I had been waiting for for a long time.
    One thing I would love to see (or to hear actually) is the Finder sounds when moving or deleting files with Forklift, I’m kindof used to the audible confirmations.
    Fantastic software guys!

  3. Z. says:

    I would love to see the following features in the future releases soon:

    1. Add the disclosure triangles.
    2. Tabs can be reordered.
    3. Double-click the tab to enter a dual pane mode.
    4. Can see the contents in the recycle bin before empty it.
    5. Add a finder icon in toolbar to reveal in finder.
    6. (From Pascal) Finder default sounds for copying, moving and deleting files.

    1. Gly says:

      1-2. These are already on our todo list and will be available in one of the upcoming updates
      3-6. Thanks for the suggestions we are considering them

  4. Z. says:

    And one more: the quick search field, PLEASE!

    1. Gly says:

      There is already a very improved quick search for each pane individually. You can display it on demand with cmd-F or with the spyglass icon in the toolbar if you prefer using the mouse. Clicking on the spyglass has the same effect as clicking in the search-field in FL 1.x as the focus is immediately set to the search field in the active pane and you can start typing right away (same goes for the shortcut).

  5. JC Blanchard says:

    My biggest complaint with Forklift is that I have to do a lot of clicking around to open and close folders just to have a look at my files.
    I was really hoping to see disclosure triangles in this release. For that reason, I will not buy this one. Does anybody know of a similar utility with disclosure triangles?

  6. George M says:

    I really really would like Forklift to quit nagging me to upgrade. I hit “Skip this version” about 20 times a day. I am not ready to upgrade. You actually owe me money for all my lost productivity.

    Very frustrated.

    1. Gly says:

      You can turn off automatic update notifications. Please choose ForkLift > Preferences from the menu, click on Update and ucheck “Check for Updates Automatically”

  7. Z. says:

    From TotalFinder…it’s also good for ForkLift to have:

    You can pull the tab out into a separate window.
    You can drag the tab and insert it between other tabs in an existing window.
    You can drag file or folder onto a tab to move it.
    You can drag folder in between tabs to open given folder as a new tab.

    1. Gly says:

      This is already on our todo list and will be available in one of the upcoming updates

  8. Z. says:

    Add an “Delete App” icon in toolbar, please. So we can delete an app with one click.

    1. forky says:

      Z, just customize you toolbar, there is already such an icon.

      1. Z. says:

        Thanks forky. I got it 🙂 I did not know why I posted the last one, it made me feel dumb…

  9. Z. says:

    It would be so much nicer if there was more space between each view option columns.

  10. Z. says:

    Oh yah, the front lights of the dock icon used to be lit up at night, but not any more…please bring it back, thanks!

  11. Lom says:

    “Edit/Select…” is very bugy!

    1. Pressing [Return] has no effect! The only way to select is click [+] with mouse!
    2. The button [-] don’t work!
    3. After pressing [+], the files are not selected!

    1. Lebostein says:

      This big is present in 2.0.5 too!

      Please fix this bug!

  12. buckrogers says:

    Lol they removed their faces from the About page ….

    Too much hatred going on for not listening to user’s demands ? 😀

    1. Gly says:

      What are you talking about??? Not listening to users??? We are working day and night and even doing screen-sharing sessions with our users on iChat whenever necessary! We already asked you a hundred times to be constructive and contact us so we can sort out your problems but you just keep trolling around here with a fake e-mail address all the time! Are you sure it’s us who is not listening??? If you don’t answer our questions what do you expect us to do? But keep trolling… you are free to do so. By the way our heads on the about page only appear on mouse-over from the very beginning. Don’t get us wrong we kind of like you despite your behavior, you just seem to be a pretty difficult dude 😉

  13. Hi, I too learned of Forklift from Don McCallister’s podcast. It seems like an interesting piece of software, that would replace several utilities I already use. Do you plan to offer this through the Mac App Store? I’m trying to hold off on purchases until the store launches.

    1. mudi says:


  14. Max says:


    after testing forklift last days i have to say it’s really amazing!!! As an old total commander user I have 5 little suggestions (3 about shortcuts & 2 other suggestions) to make which would speedup the workflow:

    1.) Please add in preferences -> shortcuts a new shortcut where you can directly select the pane AND the favorites (within one shortcut). (In Total Commander it is Alt & F1 for selecting the devices in the left pane and Alt & F2 for the right pane.)

    Here is why: In the current version you have to press “1” (to get from the second to the first panel) and after that the “Esc-Key” but this causes a lot of troubles if you have files which start with the number 1, so forklift jumps to the first file which starts with “1” instead of changing the pane.

    So, please add a shortcut for “Show favorites in panel 1” and another shortcut for “show favorites in panel 2”. This would be really great!

    2.) Like i said before, if I press a character or number on the keyboard then forklift will jump to the file starting with the number. Please add an option to press a key combination like crtl+a or crtl+7 to do the task so i can set important shortcuts to the keys directly (instead of pressing a key combination).

    3) Can you add an option where you can set more than one shortcut for one action like in the app Xee (a nice picture viewer). For example: I want to set the left arrow key and the back. key to enclose a folder and the enter and right arrow key to open folder.

    I think these keyboard shortcuts will really add a nice touch to this app and speed up the workflow.

    2 other suggestions:
    1.) Can you add (in preferences -> general) an “Enclosing Folder” Option which shows the three points […] in top of the pane like in Total Commander? This would help Windows-users like me who worked in Norton/ Windows and Total Commander for years and switched to the Mac OS X. (Other programs like Disk Order and muCommander do have this feature but they are by far not as good as forklift.)

    2.) Can you add an option to set forklift as a preferred file browser so other apps can open forklift instead of finder (or pathfinder)?

    Thank you for reading my suggestions! If you need any help with the german localization I can help you. I am from Austria, so my mother tongue is german.


    1. Sam says:

      I second most of these requests. Would be nice to see them in the next updates. What do u think forklift team?

  15. Denio says:

    I bought the 1.7.x and i didn’t upgrade to 2.0.x yet because i heard about the app store for the mac. If i upgrade to 2.0.5 can i use the same license for the upcoming app store release? or do i have to buy it again when you release the app store version?

    Keep up the good work. The 2.0.x Trial Version is pretty amazing 🙂

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