Puzzling crash resolved?

As some of you might have noticed there was a very puzzling bug in ForkLift 2.0.4 that caused random crashes on certain systems. It turned out to be related to the command line tool called smbtree which ForkLift uses to discover Windows shares on the network. This tool seems to be really unstable and causes ForkLift to crash under certain circumstances and thus we decided to ditch it and find another method. Here’s test-build for everyone who encountered such problems:


What we are curious about in the first place is if the discovery of Windows shares still works fine with the new method and if the crashes are finally eliminated.

We are looking forward to your great feedback once again!

25 thoughts on “Puzzling crash resolved?”

  1. Manuel Alonso says:

    Will try as I was getting frequent crahses

  2. Tom says:

    The crash while opening remote file was fixed in this testing build?

    1. mudi says:

      Yes. Please check out that too.

  3. mark brett says:

    Thanks for clarification on the crash I thought it was just my computer

  4. Z. says:

    If I type in single quotation mark/apostrophe (the key next to enter/return) in the search field, ForkLift crashes. You can re-create the problem every time by typing in the single quotation mark/apostrophe. It happens with both ForkLift 2.0.4 and ForkLift 2.0.5 RC.

  5. Z. says:

    I’d like to see ForkLift would auto detect the associate files in the computer when you drag/move an app to the trash without having to choose “Tools — Delete App”.

    1. Gly says:

      Nice idea, we will consider it.

  6. Lubomir Hykl says:

    I want buy product but I am student and this product will sale for Students? $ 15?

    1. Gly says:

      Write us an e-mail at support@binarynights.com and we’ll figure out something.

  7. Revolter says:

    No Dropbox section on folder right click dropdown menu (Browse on Dropbox website, Show Deleted Files, Sharing Options..)..

    Is any hack for this menu include or I realy must have Finder window on for this feature???

    1. Gly says:

      We plan to add improved Dropbox support in a future update. I don’t know about any workaround at the moment…anyone?

  8. Rich D says:

    This RC seems to do the trick for me. I’d get a crash on remote servers, but only if I’d let the connection sit idle for more than ~10 minutes. The crash would happen when trying to open a file, but I could navigate through the directories.

  9. mav says:

    Will try the new version, since I got random crashes every few minutes, which was very irritating.

  10. Z. says:

    With the newly released ForkLift 2.0.5, the crashing issue of typing in single quotation mark/apostrophe (the key next to enter/return key) in the search field still exists.

  11. Pieter says:

    Crash still occurs….many times!!!!
    I use SMB shares to my Synology NAS (DS111) but it also crashes whilst browsing local files and FTP-sites.

  12. Z. says:

    Sidebar Info Pane does NOT remember the last position on relaunch.

  13. Karel says:


    a quick question. How do I switch two panels in Forklift? (Meaning, I want what is left on the right, and vice versa)


  14. Zeanne says:

    I cannot “see” any Windows shares at all. Although I have access to them, they never show in Forklift unless I access them in Finder first. I am using the version released on 22nd December – Veriosn 2.0.5 (266)

    1. Andreas says:

      +1 mee too 🙁

    2. Gly says:

      We are constantly working on improving SMB discovery in ForkLift.

  15. Zeanne says:

    When I try and compare 2 documents, I get a window which says “OpenDiff not found. Please install XCode and try again”.

    What is XCode? Why do I need it? Where do I get it from?

    1. Gly says:

      Xcode is available on the Snow Leopard Install Disc as an optional package or you can download it from the Apple developer website. ForkLift uses OpenDiff which is part of this package to compare files.

  16. Diebesbeute says:

    Are you guys planning to submit Forklift 2 to the new app store? Just curious as I am debating whether to buy or not and would prefer to buy through the App store.

    1. Gly says:

      We already submitted ForkLift to the App Store and it should be available soon.

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