Putting the roar in file management – the new ForkLift 2.5

As hinted in the headline, I have now released the official ForkLift 2.5 upgrade. As hinted also, ForkLift 2.5 is a very simply put a Lion makeover, a new version almost 10 months in the making, an upgrade that leaps ForkLift straight to this excellent new platform.

This includes visuals as well as innards, monochrome styling and popovers, and migration to the new system APIs. Obviously, this also makes it a Lion only app.

But I haven’t spent all of these 10 months on singing the praises of Lion (sure, there’s been plenty of it too), but I managed to spend some time and brainpower on expanding the core features of ForkLift – some features that have been on our dreamlist since maybe the first functional alphas of years ago.

Although 2.5 deserves to be regarded a major upgrade in all respects, I have been loath to make it 3.0 and thus a paying upgrade. Therefore, ForkLift 2.5 is a free update, available to all licensed users.
You can grab a copy here.

The AppStore submission is underway, so customers who bought their license through the AppStore can expect to get their hands on the upgrade very soon.

Thanks for your patience and continued support, and thanks for the much appreciated help of the beta testers who helped to bring this release about.

New stuff I want to mention

Disclosure triangles
This is one of the core feature enhancements that has been floating around for years. Now you will find them in List View, we hope to everyone’s delight.

Transfer queue
ForkLift 2.5 delegates a much central role to the Transfer Queue, routing all file operations through the queue. Copy, move, extract – they are all syphone to the queue UI, so everything can be monitored and controled from here.
To fit the new role we’ve given it a new, iTunes inspired look, and new abilities like better pause/resume and the ability to navigate and browse folders from queue UI. (If you like your toolbar roomier, you can use the Safari-like button)

“Cut&Paste” support
Cmd-c and alt-cmd-v can now be used to move the selected file to a target folder. This one is really a blatant immitation of Lion’s implementation, but there was no way to improve on it.

Using command line tools in ForkLift
We hope this will win the heart of our hardcore file manipulation enthousiasts. ForkLift now lets you invoke any command line tool straight from ForkLift. Command line tools can be added to Preferences > Tools, and by assigning a shorcut, you can invoke them anytime and issue commands. You can also use this to launch GUI apps that support command line access.

Other changes
There is also a handful of other various changes, but these should be obvious and so I’ll just list them:

  • File grouping support
  • Customizable view options per folder
  • Full screen support
  • Monochrome sidebar/toolbar icons
  • New shortcut editor UI
  • New Sync UI
  • New Favorite manager UI
  • Color label support for favorites and devices
  • New transfer queue UI
  • Expandable folders in transfer queue
  • Queue support for extract and move operations
  • Real-time transfer queue pause
  • and much more
  • This is all for tonight, folks, I hope you enjoy.


    Dusting Off the Blog

    Okay, I’ll concede, this blog did get pretty dusty over the past couple-five months. So first of all, I want to tell everyone that ALL IS WELL HERE. No worries, the star of BinaryNights is still burning bright, and has no intention of letting down you nice ForkLift driving folk out there.

    Still, I will not argue that updates failed not only to reach this here blog, but those of you used to our more regular release schedule may also have been experiencing slight withdrawal symptoms. I guess that’s what you get for raising expectations 🙂

    Let me quickly explain what happened since April’s 2.08 release. It was a time of contentment and the promise of a bright future, and I sat back lazily to fiddle around with a few leftover items on my TODO list, thinking I’ll keep myself amused with some light coding for a while. But as it so often happens in operation rooms around the world, what started as a routine procedure quickly avalanched into a series of close-ups of scalpel cuts. I guess I did get carried away a bit.

    But then of course, Lion came along.

    In many respects, I’m reminded of the time when Leopard was released, and BinaryNights decided on a major makeover of ForkLift in the middle of a development cycle. We did it to keep our edge, and did it right, since ForkLift 1.5 was a breakthrough application. So.

    Good News Everyone!
    A smoking new version of ForkLift is just around the horizon.
    It bears the name 2.5 (although 3.0 might have been more appropriate), and it brings a handful of feature candies sprinkled on the massive body of a resting lion.

    Although there’s still a long way to go, I am very anxious see it in work and I will push for a raw public beta as early as possible, hopefully within 3 months. Many things are still molding, but some things are sure about ForkLift 2.5

    • it is Lion Only (yes.)
    • it is a file manager with disclosure triangles
    • it will save view settings for favorites
    • it has a new and better column view
    • has Lion style grouping
    • has many other improvements

    Latency issues
    Unfortunately, the great work described above had affected our famously high quality customer service and there may have been outages in email support. My apologies for this, but as you might know, coding is a very involved work, and I am currently under a lot of load.
    I will continue to do my best, but please forgive me if I fail to reply to your feature request.
    I’m afraid the same capacity issue affects the blog too. So for the moment, if you are looking for more frequent updates on ForkLift development, I recommend you look for me on Twitter.

    Thats all for tonight, folks.

    Status Report

    It’s been quite a while since we posted to our blog. But you know, profound silence gives birth to big ideas
    and being fond of innovation, I assure you, that an arduous work was going on.
    Yes, as it was implied before, I – Mudi – continue the work alone. Bringing Forklift 2 to you guys has always been a one man show anyways, but this time I do the support as well.

    So let’s see what I’ve got for you:

    If you follow “us” on Twitter you might already know ForkLift made it to the App Store .  This was not easy at all, Forklift 2 was first rejected three times and I had to completely remove the Disklet feature due to the fact that it was based on an “optional system component”. But as you can see, it’s all online now. If you wish to purchase it, yet you can do it both ways (via our website or through the App Store), but in the long run only one can stay in the game…

    According to my former intentions and also as a response to your feedback, I took the opportunity and set up a Forum at getsatisfaction.com, which combines the functionality of a support forum and a public “bug tracking” system as well.

    Meanwhile, Apple has released the first developer preview of Mac OS X 10.7, and after delving a little into it, I got pretty much inspired and planing to implement a bunch of “Lionish” features, which you will probably recognize in the future versions. But before doing that, the next milestone is “disclosure triangles” in the list view.

    That’s all folks, I’m back to XCode now… 🙂

    ForkLift speaks German and other candies

    Yet we would like to release another beta version of ForkLift 2. Why beta again? Because ForkLift learned the German language and before releasing an official localized version we would like to get enough feedback in order to find any little typo leftover that might be hiding amongst the lines. Besides the localization we also made two other singnificant improvements:

    1. We have rewritten the entire WebDAV engine from scratch as it was the last piece of code taken over from the 1.x version. We hope that this will raise the reliability of WebDAV connections to the next level.

    2. We had to restructure the entire code in a way that we can maintain two versions, the one for the Mac App Store and the one distributed via our website. It was quite a task to build a new structure that allows us to keep two versions up to date simultaneously and efficiently. Finally, after neglecting sleep once again for a while, we tackled it and the way should be straightened to head forward to the App Store.

    Finally we improved many smaller bits that you will hopefully notice and thus be happy about them.

    Enough of the talk now, just grab it and flood us with your feedback:
    ForkLift 2.0.6 Beta 1

    If you have any suggestions regarding the translation feel free to post it as a comment to this blog post so we can have a public discussion about it. Thanks a lot in advance!

    Puzzling crash resolved?

    As some of you might have noticed there was a very puzzling bug in ForkLift 2.0.4 that caused random crashes on certain systems. It turned out to be related to the command line tool called smbtree which ForkLift uses to discover Windows shares on the network. This tool seems to be really unstable and causes ForkLift to crash under certain circumstances and thus we decided to ditch it and find another method. Here’s test-build for everyone who encountered such problems:


    What we are curious about in the first place is if the discovery of Windows shares still works fine with the new method and if the crashes are finally eliminated.

    We are looking forward to your great feedback once again!

    Sleep is for the Weak

    The positive response to ForkLift 2 has been overwhelming, and we’d like to send out our sincere thanks to the armada of new users, as well as all the loyal fans who have upgraded. Your support is essential to the continuing development of ForkLift.

    We’ve been slaving away squashing all your bug reports and sleeping only a few hours a night. Three releases since the launch, 2.0.1 – 2.0.4, have taken down many of the worst offenders. We will continue to focus on bug fixes and stability improvements before we dive back into the feature express leading up to v2.1.

    Don McAllister at ScreenCastsOnline put together a comprehensive overview of ForkLift, walking through everything from basic features to more complex elements like Stacks, Workspaces, Syncing, Multi-Renaming, managing Favorites, the new Transfer Manager and more. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this screencast is an entire novel of ForkLift knowledge:

    Click to Play

    Two other things on our plate keeping us from sleeping: finishing up the documentation for v2.0, and getting the forums back up and spam-free. We’re evaluating several platforms to find the best solution and will have something up soon.

    Thanks for your patience, and keep the great feedback coming! You guys keep us going!

    ForkLift 2.0

    the second coming...Finally the day has come to announce the second coming of file management and proudly present the final version of ForkLift 2.0.

    It’s faster, more reliable, stronger and you will love it twice as much!

    We spent many nights and days with re-building ForkLift from scratch inside and out and the outcome is not only simple beauty but also extreme reliability and a streamlined UI with many new and innovative features.

    I could start an endless list of new and improved features in ForkLift 2, but I would just pick out the most significant ones:

    Disklets, Synclets, new view modes, transfer queue, improved archive handling, new search modes and filters (with RegExp), improved Sync, Stacks, incredible speed!, integrated favorite manager, improved Multi-Rename, Workspaces, and a lot more to discover…

    We released 7 public Betas in a row and got tremendous feedback from our highly respected users during this period and thus we tried to take all opinions very seriously and tailor ForkLift 2 to your needs. I think together we did an amazing job, even if some wishes didn’t come true, but hey, don’t be sad if you miss anything, as ForkLift constantly keeps evolving of course!

    I would like to send our great community of adventurous and constructive beta testers a damn big THANK YOU! Without you ForkLift wouldn’t be what it is today.

    ForkLift 2.0 is our first paid upgrade since we released 1.0 almost 4 years ago. If you already own a ForkLift license you can upgrade for $19.95, for new users the price will be $29.95 and now we also offer a new family pack at $49.95 in our store.

    Click here to download ForkLift while you finsih reading this post.

    If you encounter any bugs (and we are sure that despite all our effort you will…) please report them here.
    Your feedback is highly appreciated.

    You might also have noticed that our website changed a little bit 🙂 … therefore you won’t find our forum anymore as we decided to discontinue it and introduce a new platform for public discussion on ForkLift soon.

    Please don’t use the blog for bugreports and support questions, rather send them by e-mail…. and try to be nice. Thanks!