ForkLift v2.5.6 is released

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixes an issue with recursive symlinks that could cause a crash.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented creating new folders in Amazon S3 buckets with uppercase letters.
  • Fixes an issue with workspaces.
  • Fixes a column-view issue that selecting a parent column initiated an unwanted renaming.
  • Fixes an issue with filenames beginning with spaces on FTP servers.
  • Esc no longer exits fullscreen in column-view during renaming.
  • The stop button is now visible in the droplet/synclet window.
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements

Download link:

Locko – super slick password manager and filevault

One year ago we decided to write a new program: a program which would be beloved and used with the greatest pleasure also by us. We had aimed at writing a clean and easy-to-use password manager. One of a really high quality. Now, we agree that we have achieved this goal: here it is, Locko.

Locko is capable of everything expected from a password manager program: you can store web logins, credit card data, computer accounts, software licenses and a lot more.
And there is even more to it: you can create encrypted photo albums. Photos you would not necessarily like to open to the public. You can also store sensitive files and documents even videos in it – perfectly locked up from the uninitiated ones.

We have also added Dropbox and iCloud sync to keep your secrets available on all your devices. These pieces of information may be needed on the way at any time, therefore also the iPhone and the iPad versions are in preparation. Soon these will be available, as well.

One more thing: we have created extensions for the three most popular web browsers that will let you login to your favorite websites without remembering your super long and extra secure passwords which will you have from now on… Will you? Give it a try and let us know how you like it! 🙂

Download link: Locko v1.0

Locko beta 1 is available

Locko is a beautiful an easy to use password manager and file vault. You can store confidential information such as web logins, credit card data, computer accounts, software licenses, private pictures and documents and much more. Locko supports Dropbox so you can keep your data synchronised across multiple computers while maintaining absolute security.


Download link:
Safari extension:

Please send your feedback to

ForkLift v2.5.5 released

Fixes and improvements:

  • Folder sizes are not calculated automatically on network volumes.
  • Fixes an issue with UTF8 encoded characters
  • Fixes an issue with AFP/SMB passwords
  • Fixes an issue with type-selection
  • You can activate a pane by clicking on an empty column (column view)
  • Fixes a glitch with the Get Info panel.
  • Fixes a Webdav issue which could cause timeouts during transfers.
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements

Download link:

Locko – Are you interested?

ForkLift Video Contest

This is your chance to get your hands on a FREE license to ForkLift 2.5!

All you need to do is to make a 2 minute video and say a few words about your favorite features in ForkLift.

You can make a screencast (you can use QuickTime for that) or simply make a video of yourself talking (Photo Booth is the easy way here). ForkLift is used all around the world (we’ve already sold licenses to Antarctica) so don’t worry about making the flick in your native language.

You can focus on specific features, or you can just tell the world what a comprehensively awesome piece of engineering ForkLift is.

Upload your video to YouTube and send us the link to and you’ll get your free license straight away.

This is THE best time to awaken the sleeping movie director in you!