ForkLift 3 Beta 8 is available


  • Adds iCloud Drive support (Add ‘~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/’ folder to your existing favorites)
  • Adds German localization
  • Adds Hungarian localization
  • Adds time offset setting to Sync
  • Adds simultaneous deletion
  • Improves remote editing
  • Improves archive opening performance
  • Improves remote deletion speed
  • Fixes a crash happened when the last tab in the pane was closed by using middle mouse button
  • Fixes a crash caused by Actions toolbar button in the Favorite Manager
  • Fixes an issue that prevented installing the helper application
  • Fixes an issue with Preview when it ran out of memory for huge images
  • Fixes an issue that prevented closing overlayed tabs
  • Fixes an issue with making pane active by clicking on tabs
  • Fixes an issue that prevented saving shortcuts for tools
  • Fixes an issue with dragging file from a share to another app, and the path was inserted instead of the actual file
  • Fixes an issue with $SOURCE_SELECTION_NAMES and $TARGET_SELECTION_NAMES at Tools
  • Fixes an URL encoding problem with View on context menu option
  • Fixes an issue with pinned tabs that caused new tab has been also pinned
  • Fixes an issue with Keyboard Selection where inverting selection was only visual
  • Fixes and issue with extracting multiple archives using another app that resulted in error
  • Fixes an issue with editing filenames where forward slash was displayed as colon
  • Fixes an issue with compressing files where extension in the filename was not included
  • Fixed an issue with Smart Folders that prevented using their saved scope
  • Numerous small fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3 Beta 8