ForkLift 2.0

the second coming...Finally the day has come to announce the second coming of file management and proudly present the final version of ForkLift 2.0.

It’s faster, more reliable, stronger and you will love it twice as much!

We spent many nights and days with re-building ForkLift from scratch inside and out and the outcome is not only simple beauty but also extreme reliability and a streamlined UI with many new and innovative features.

I could start an endless list of new and improved features in ForkLift 2, but I would just pick out the most significant ones:

Disklets, Synclets, new view modes, transfer queue, improved archive handling, new search modes and filters (with RegExp), improved Sync, Stacks, incredible speed!, integrated favorite manager, improved Multi-Rename, Workspaces, and a lot more to discover…

We released 7 public Betas in a row and got tremendous feedback from our highly respected users during this period and thus we tried to take all opinions very seriously and tailor ForkLift 2 to your needs. I think together we did an amazing job, even if some wishes didn’t come true, but hey, don’t be sad if you miss anything, as ForkLift constantly keeps evolving of course!

I would like to send our great community of adventurous and constructive beta testers a damn big THANK YOU! Without you ForkLift wouldn’t be what it is today.

ForkLift 2.0 is our first paid upgrade since we released 1.0 almost 4 years ago. If you already own a ForkLift license you can upgrade for $19.95, for new users the price will be $29.95 and now we also offer a new family pack at $49.95 in our store.

Click here to download ForkLift while you finsih reading this post.

If you encounter any bugs (and we are sure that despite all our effort you will…) please report them here.
Your feedback is highly appreciated.

You might also have noticed that our website changed a little bit 🙂 … therefore you won’t find our forum anymore as we decided to discontinue it and introduce a new platform for public discussion on ForkLift soon.

Please don’t use the blog for bugreports and support questions, rather send them by e-mail…. and try to be nice. Thanks!

173 thoughts on “ForkLift 2.0”

  1. First! Great work guys. The new website design rock.

  2. Nice. Many bugs fixed. Good work. (But you have typo in registration panel in 2.0 ;P)

  3. edi says:

    Hi Guys,

    the new website design is cool! The app is fantastic! Thanks!


  4. dr says:

    Amazing app! Thanks!

  5. Z. says:

    Congratulations!! Fantastic website and amazing app, good job!

  6. Adriel says:

    Looks like a great update. Might be wise to include a warning with the update dialog so old users like me are not trying to figure out why my beloved ForkLift now wants a new license.

    1. Gly says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, we already added a notice to the release notes. Have fun with ForkLift 2!

  7. biglaugh says:

    Boy was I laughing my ass off ….

    Final Version ….
    Removed prefs from beta ….
    Unizipped final 2.0 ….
    Started the app…..

    Found 6 bugs from the last beta …

    Nearly pissed my pants when stacks were empty after restart of the app ….

    Final ??? Yes …. final fail …..

  8. Z. says:

    Will the first 5 people who left a comment get a free license? Haha..;)

  9. Z. says:

    Make it the first 10… 😀

  10. biglaugh says:

    Found another bug …. no. 7

    Try to duplicate a folder on a remote server and change your pants afterwards 😉

    1. Anonymous says:

      It works fine for me 🙁

  11. Z. says:

    1. On the sidebar under Devices, there is still an eject button next to bootcamp. I don’t want to eject my bootcamp if I have it installed for windows. I have mentioned that in the beta version. It’s still there in the final release. Why can you guys remove that?

    2. When will the expanding folder with those little triangles be added?

    1. Some1 says:

      Even in finder, you can eject “Bootcamp”.

    2. Z Bach says:

      “2. When will the expanding folder with those little triangles be added?”

      I seond this request. It works great in TotalFinder and it would be even better in ForkLift.

  12. Schlaefer says:

    Right decision to push 2.0 out of the door.

    Congratulation folks. 🙂

  13. sp says:

    Pay for an upgrade? First you let as rot with a buggy 1.x version on Snow Leapard and now we have to pay for an update??

    Rip off!

      1. SaM says:

        You guys are my heros! Thanks for a great app. Have a great Thanksgiving. 🙂

        1. Lebostein says:

          Yea! We search and post bugs. And what thanks? We must pay for the “bugfix”.

  14. Z. says:

    When will the quick search bar be back?

  15. Yayuro says:


    I didn’t know that’s a “pay version” when update pop-up came in. So now – how can I go back to version which I have a serial? It’ll be 1.x I guess.

    1. Gly says:

      We notified all users in the release notes about the fact that this is our first paid upgrade. If you would like to rollback please download ForkLift 1.7.8 here:

      1. Wiseguy says:

        1. You make the incorrect assumption that all your users are interested in release notes.

        The ‘standard’ way to do such an upgrade is to merely inform users that they can upgrade to version 2.0 by visiting the website, rather than letting them upgrade from a licensed to an unlicensed state. Admit it… just imagine apple let you perform an application update, only to notify you in their release notes that it was paid and you are no longer licensed to use the product.

        2. I am a licensed user of Forklift 1.x. I feel that your updates have not matched the value proposition of other comparable applications such as PathFinder. Asking for over $19 for a paid upgrade for this application is unreasonable. Of course this is your decision; you can charge whatever you want. Nonetheless, I can help but thinking that you’re missing out on sales by charging for upgrades at this price-point. My five cents.

  16. Yayuro says:

    Never mind. I’ve founded it in “support” subpage.
    Sorry for bothering.

  17. Some1 says:

    Still bugs. Kinda bad it’s sold for 22€. Couldn’t you make it 20€?

  18. biglaugh says:

    That´s the problem …. they want us to pay 25 bucks for an app full of bugs – most of which have been discussed during the beta-period ….. but they dont seem to care …

    kinda silly …

  19. Matt says:

    Awesome update! Disklets kick ass!

  20. mraak says:

    where the afk did the forum go?

    1. Wiseguy says:

      Given all the negative feedback, they decided to remove it to hide criticism. Bad policy, considering unhappy customers should have a place to vent and provide criticism.

  21. Mike says:

    Where quick search field??? We asked many many times to brig it back!
    Where Move command (between different volumes)???
    Where fixes for all bugs that was disscussted on Beta 7???

    Hey guys, you need first adresss all this critical issues before asking money for very RAW 2.0 version… Very dissapinted with this release..

  22. Ian says:

    Binary Knights, congratulations, love the V2.0 punchline!

    Quick search bar: press ⌘h – you get more functionality taking less space with just different accessibility. Having said that I like the aesthetic of a toolbar with searchfield more 🙂

    Move across drives: I though this had been discussed already? This is due to a bug in the Apple API, so go bug Apple about it, and ask them to open the private API Finder uses…

    1. Wiseguy says:

      Dudes… now you’re pretending to be customers whilst posting on your own blog… not cool.

    2. WCLPeter says:

      I just sent an e-mail to BinaryNights about this issue and I’m going to call BS on the whole “Private API” thing. I just rolled back to Forklift 1.7.8 and was completely capable of moving files and folders from one physical drive to another.

      This is something I wasn’t able to do in Forklift 2.02.

      I didn’t mind paying 20 bucks for the upgrade, I’ve been using it for a while and it is unreasonable to expect free upgrades for life. That being said, I do expect the software to work as advertised in later versions.

      When the prior version works better than the upgrade I just spent 20 bucks on there is a problem there, a big one, and I am shocked that such a glaringly obvious bug that should have been found through even the most basic of bug testing was allowed to go through on release.

      Don’t get me wrong, I still like ForkLift but I am a little angry that I just spent 20 bucks for broken software that wasn’t broke before. I’ll be using 1.7.8, I’m doing some routine cleaning and I *need* to be able to move across drives, and I’m hopeful that BinaryNights will be able to clear this up soon.

      1. Claudio says:

        Mailed them about the issue too. It’s a huge flaw in the software and a very basic yet fundamental function that any file manager needs to have. Hope it gets fixed really soon, I am back to 1.7.8 for the time being

  23. Rayna Masterman says:

    Do you make cash out of this web website? just curious

  24. Z Bach says:

    My first observation – old favorites are imported/recognized in reverse order.

    1. Steve says:

      During the beta, I complained that favorites didn’t even work, so I suppose this is better than that. (they didn’t consider it a bug–they just said favorites would work in the production version.) However, I believe that charging almost as much for an upgrade as for the new version is out of line for software–especially when the original functionality is adequate. It is exactly like spitting on your loyal customers. This is a strange, strange way to do business–I’d be interested in understanding their reasoning.

      1. Z Bach says:

        If they don’t get it in order with the next update, which should be soon, I think I’ll have to say goodbye to ForkLift 2. To bad though, because with so manny beta versions and user input, I was really hoping it will become better and polished app.

        1. Wiseguy says:

          Here here!

  25. Z Bach says:

    My second observation – favorites editing window does not allow for multiple selection and it exerts annoying property of returning slider to the top position after each edit.

    For people with many favorites this can get quite time consuming.

  26. Z Bach says:

    My third observation – one cannot switch places of folders in favorites (both in sidebar and in favorites editing window). Furthermore, moving leads to deletion of the folder that was being moved if it accidentaly comes over another folder (no, it is not in that other folder afterwards).

  27. Rob S says:

    I didn’t think Forklift could get any better. I was wrong. Great job guys!

  28. miniMAC says:

    I have purchased Forklift 1 and then upgrade to this version, and i want to say that is very buggy 🙁

  29. Gly says:

    Please everyone respect our notice at the end of this Blog post and rather send us bug reports and feature requests by e-mail explaining them exactly. It would be much more constructive as that way these requests would get recognition and would be fixed or added. Here you have a detailed explanation how to go about this:

    Thank you!

    1. Lebostein says:

      Where is the forum?

    2. Lebostein says:

      It’s very hard to discuss with developers per E-Mail. Please reopen a forum to discuss bugs, features and so on….

    3. Jeff says:

      Hi Guys,

      I can see how you want to bug notices to be sent to you via email in order to have a good message out on the market…

      You guys have two choices…

      1) Have transparency and let the market tell you what they think on your own blog where you have some control…


      2) Force others to put up blogs all about your bugs on other sites and review sites…

      The second I think is worse then the first… IMHO…

      I LOVE my ForkLift!!! =)

      I think you guys have an amazing product!
      And I’ve been using it for 3 years or so…

      I look forward to using your forklift 2.0…

      But maybe in January… when some of the bugs are out…

      Best of luck…

      And thank you for a killer product!


      1. Z Bach says:

        I concur with you Jeff.

      2. Wiseguy says:

        I third your opinion Jeff.

        We are the customer… we get to post bugs, complaints and compliments wherever we wish…

        BN, it’s not completely out of line to post here… probably better than posting on Macupdate, etc.

  30. Z Bach says:

    Is there a way to QuickLook a file via keyboard, when “Enable keyboard selection” is turned on?

  31. Z Bach says:

    Forget it please… I’m too hasty as it seems. Shortcut for QuickLook is definable in preferances and is CMD+Y by default.

  32. Peter Sykorsky says:

    It took a while, but you made it. Great! I can deal with minor interface bugs for the time being. And with you listening to users – as I noticed you do – this baby will be reciting Shakespeare before the next troll crawls out of bed to go on ranting about this very fine project in this blog.

    Thank you for making this great software!

    1. Wiseguy says:

      Hmmm…. again, you sound like one of the guys from the BinaryNights team. Can’t take criticism, huh?

      Food for thought: most of the people here are intrinsicly ForkLift supporters – we’ve all bought licenses. Any anger or discontent is due to disappointment that is likely justified (at least to some degree). Rather than being defensive… try to make a positive change and do something about it.

      Build something nice and we will come (back).

  33. Lebostein says:

    I can’t add folders (places) to the sidebar! If I drag and drop folders on the sidebar, then I see no effect.

    1. Lebostein says:

      Any hints for me?? How I can show favorites/places in sidebar?

  34. Lebostein says:

    The new info panel is very cool! But please remove the big fat icon from this panel! The icon needs to much space. AND: please add the correct file size in Bytes to this pane. Thanks!

  35. Frank Eves says:

    Well done! Forklift is immediately captivating with very impressive functionality, I was happy to upgrade.

    1. Wiseguy says:

      Hmmm… how did you get a photo of yourself in the ID tag? I wasn’t offered that awesome option 😉

  36. JP says:

    I was waiting for this version to be released as I had version 1, but seeing all the complaints and seeing that I have to pay for an upgrade to a version that is buggy I decided to jump of the boat and go to the competitor Transmit 4…

    1. PaLnTsC says:

      Forklift is much more than a FTP client. Forklift is more like a Finder replacement.
      Just don’t base your opinion of such a great software on others comments. Try it for yourself and you’ll discover great new features.
      Sure, there are still some bugs, but do you ever hear about a bug-free software on the first release?

      1. JP says:

        You make a great pont, but I have been with Forklift 1 for a while and have been testing version 2 throughout the beta version. To me it is not ready yet, but I do agree that it is a solid software. I will wait in the future and see how the future versions turn out. For now I have chosen the Transmit road. I will keep version 1 just in case Transmit cannot handle it.

    2. Gly says:

      Why don’t you rather try it for your self? It’s free for 14 days and if you are not satisfied you can rollback any time.

  37. Dystopia says:

    FL2 is fantastic and well worth the upgrade fee!
    Incredible how many people lack respect and the capability to express their critique without resorting to flaming.
    BinaryNights, you should put up some rules that flaming and trolling is not tolerated and those posts will be deleted.
    It is totally possible to voice an opinion in a mature and contructive way, and the purpose of this blog is being destroyed as it is now.

  38. Z. says:

    Show info doesn’t remember last opened position after relaunching ForkLift 2.

  39. anemos says:

    How about a student upgrade for $10?
    I do like some of the changes in ForkLift 2, but the price is quite high.

  40. Mark says:

    Where did the Edit option go on the right-click contextual menu??

  41. Gly says:

    We usually don’t like the idea of censoring comments but as some bored people messed around in our Blog with disrespectful and offending posts from now on every first post of a user will be reviewed before it appears for the public. We can not tolerate that kind of uncivilized vandalism.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    1. Dystopia says:

      Well done! 🙂

  42. Riezz says:

    Hey Guys,

    Where is the forum? Is it coming back?

  43. Gly says:

    @Riezz, @mraak, @Lebostein

    As we experienced huge amounts of spam in our Forum in the last time we decided to abandon vBullettin and are looking for a new communication platform for public discussion.

    1. Riezz says:

      Hi Gly, thanks for your quick answer. Good thing to bring back the forum 🙂

    2. Spaceman says:


      Understand about the Spam, however would it not be better to keep the existing forums up until you actually come up with a new solution. I think there was a lot of good info there that I would hate to be lost. It would also help to keep people from venting in this blog ;-).

  44. Riezz says:

    I bought FL 1.7 a time ago and I did still get an free update to FL 2.0. That’s great 🙂

  45. BillShepp says:

    Get Info or the Info pane don’t show the overall folder size. Is this possible to add? Surely I’m not the only one who has to fire up Finder just for this…

    1. Z Bach says:

      Use CMD+j and turn on “Calculate all sizes”. I agree though that it would be nicer if the size of the selected folder could be calculated only when needed (without the need to turn on this option, since it can be tricky when one is using folders with many files).

    2. forky says:

      File->Calculate Size … calculates the size for the currently selected folder. Just set a nice shortcut for it (if not already exists one by default) so you can invoke size calculation quickly whenever you need.

  46. György Horvath says:

    I lost all my favorites from my ForkLift 1 because of my fault. I contacted support to get some help…

    I just want to let you know that they were very helpful. My problem was solved in no time.

    That’s great!

    Keep up the good work!!!

  47. Spargelpit says: i build 4 stacks great! no stacks ??? I build 2 new stacks! i found my Stacks again ! fine … but nothings more in it ???

    No Prob. i look in the Help … nothings about Stack ???

    ehhm final Version 2 ???

    1. Lebostein says:

      Same problem here. Stacks empty after restart. Other problem: shortcuts will not be saved! If i close the preferences, shortcuts default again…

    2. Gly says:

      As Stacks are temporary containers they are emptied by purpose on exiting ForkLift.

      1. Lebostein says:

        And where I can find this helpful information? If I search your official help wiki, stack returns no search results. And your homepage says only “Stacks are virtual containers to keep a few files in one place for quick access. When needed no more, you can simply discard them.” I can read the word “keep”. No words about “temporary”…

  48. buckrogers says:

    Im having a real annoying problem with simple FTP transfers.

    Everythings fine with the login data and the server …. yes … i know what Im talking about.

    FTP:21 passive ….

    Forklift constantly drops the connection, when I try to copy multiple files to a remote server ….

    This wont happen with transmit or any other FTP application …

    In addition … FL2 causes the server to not respond afterwards for 2-3 minutes … so I cannot connect to it with any other FTP app.

    Once again – this only happens with FL2 – no other FTP app. I had the ISP check the server – everything ok ….

    So Im positive that this is a FL2 related issue ….

    Another thing – a very serious question :

    If the move (mv) command from the terminal is a safe command ….. why is FL2 not able to use it as a safe way to MOVE files between drives ….

    Cant see any logic in that …

    Otherwise …. not happy but faithful ….

    Thx !

    1. Gly says:

      Hi buckrogers

      Could you please try to set the Max. simultaneous transfers lower in the transfer queue. I suppose that your provider limits the amount of simultaneous transfers to less than 5 which is the default setup in FL2

  49. buckrogers says:

    The Error I get is :

    Copy error
    Failed connect to server.

    server is fine – every other FTP app is fine, too ….

    A “reload” of the remote directory helps …. but thats really annoying …. so it´s just another bug ….

    1. Dystopia says:

      Jumping to conclusions, are we?

      Did you try what Gly suggested?
      The error you are getting is very common if your client tries to open more connections than allowed by the server.
      Maybe your other clients are set to a lower simultaneous connections setting…

      1. buckrogers says:

        I said “i know what im talking about” ..

        Even setting it to “1” doesnt work ….

        Transmit is set to 50 simultaneous connections …

        1. mudi says:

          Could you send us the transcript (View > Show Transcript) to our support mail?

        2. buckrogers says:

          That’s what youre looking for:

          25.11.10 11:32:34 [REMOTE – 74] 550 Could not change perms on /htdocs/theimage.jpg: No such file or directory
          26.11.10 01:32:35 [REMOTE – 74] CWD /htdocs
          26.11.10 01:32:35 [REMOTE – 74] 250 OK. Current directory is /htdocs
          26.11.10 01:32:35 [REMOTE – 74] TYPE A
          26.11.10 01:32:35 [REMOTE – 74] 200 TYPE is now ASCII
          26.11.10 01:32:35 [REMOTE – 74] PASV
          26.11.10 01:32:35 [REMOTE – 74] 227 Entering Passive Mode (80,67,17,132,254,207)

          Happens when you copy a bunch of files – usually after the 3rd or 4th file.

        3. buckrogers says:

          and …

          26.11.10 01:33:18 [DF2 – IM Files – 70] connection has been idle for 30 sec(s)
          26.11.10 01:33:18 [DF2 – IM Files – 70] diconnected

        4. craigminah says:

          Same here…funny that only Forklift requires user intervention to avoid the error. Transmit, Cyberduck, Flow, etc. all work perfectly.

  50. Tony says:

    I just read through all the comments on here, and I’m not sure I’m using the same product as others on here. Apart from “human” error, I can’t find anything wrong with Forklift 2.
    Maybe I’m not using it to its full potential yet, but it does what I bought it for, and does it very well. I had a false start, and contacted support about it. They replied almost immediately, and were very eager to look into it. That’s pretty good support guys, I don’t know what all the complaining is about.

    Excellent product, glad I bought it, and it was worth the money. Enough said.

    1. Dystopia says:

      …and very well said at that! 🙂

    2. Z Bach says:

      Not using it (to its full potential) would be the best explanation for not knowing what all the complaining is about. I’m glad that you like it though. I like the promise of it too.

  51. Peter says:

    I am looking for the “horizontal panels” option – did I overlook something? I makes so much more sense to have the panels in horizontal direction because there would be more space for the columns. There must be a reason for not implementing it – Path Finder does not have it, either.

    1. buckrogers says:

      Besides all the understandable complaints about the “no so final” 2.0 …..

      Horizontal Panels ….. that’s about the most useless feature for a Dual-Pane app that I’ve ever heard of 😀

      What do you need tons of columns for ?
      Date, Size, Type …. etc …. not enough ? 😀

      The concept of dual-pane apps is to simultaneously show 2 or more directories to copy and PLEASE IMPLEMENT MOVE back and forth ….

      Need a wider view for columns ? Switch to single-pane mode.

  52. Riezz says:

    I really love the info pane!

  53. Z. says:

    ForkLift 2 is awesome, but the GUI is not polished enough like PathFinder with all those little details, especially under list view. Hopefully BinaryNights will fix that soon.

  54. aleph says:

    2nd update in 5 days.
    paying customers = beta testers?

    1. Nate Beaty says:

      Ah, c’mon, all devs put out bug fixes after major releases, look at Transmit 4’s change log for instance: — nearly 4 releases the few weeks after 4 came out.

      There are always bugs to be found, especially when the program is constantly evolving.

  55. Morlok says:

    How I can show my places in side bar?
    Lik this:

    I see only devices and stacks….

    1. Gly says:

      Open the favorites manager (cmd-shift-F) and right click on the favorites group you would like to display in the sidebar, choose Add to sidebar

  56. Lebostein says:

    Where I can find a documentation of the new functions?
    For example: What is a Queue and how I use it?

  57. Lebostein says:

    “Select…” and “Filter…” don’t work!!
    What a version!

    I am willing to pay for the update, but only if the program works. I’m waiting for a working and bug free version…

  58. Z. says:

    I second that: “‘Select…’ and ‘Filter…’ don’t work!!”

    Quick search field please!

  59. Lebostein says:

    Where I can find SMB support (see announcement)? If I create a new connection (Show favourites, [+]) I can only choice between FTP, Webdav, iDisk…

    1. Gly says:

      Try cmd-K to connect, after connection was successful you can drag any folder from the SMB share to the sidebar.

      1. Lebostein says:

        “Any folder…” Yeah, but the root directory? How I can add the root directory of SMB connection? I can’t edit the path of an folder entry…

  60. miniMAC says:

    Large file (for example the basic installation of WordPress) want transfer…. lost a lot of .php files in FTP connection. I’m using Snow Leopard, latest release.

    1. Lebostein says:

      The old problem of Forklift… still not solved. Look in the old forum. There are many such bug reports…

      1. buckrogers says:

        And as long as there’s no MOVE between drives and the constant transfer fails to and from a remote drive (old problem still not fixed from FL1) ….

        …. there is n FL2 at all …

        not worth a penny ….

        1. mudi says:

          I tried to contact you through email to solve your problem but the email address you provided does not exist.

          Could you send us a mail to regarding your issue please?

          Thanks in advance.

  61. I sent an email earlier in the week. Do you have any non profit pricing?

  62. Lebostein says:

    The old problem of Forklift… still not solved. Look in the old forum. There are many such bug reports…

  63. Karma says:

    30 $ and no documentation? If I click on Help, I found help for version 1.x only…

  64. Hugh L. says:

    1. I’m pretty pleased with how version 2 came to fruition and gotta say that I have yet to experience any major problems or minor hiccups for that matter. That being said I don’t get down and dirty with the real power-tool functions of the app during everyday use, but on the occasions I have everything worked as expected. So…I’ve been eager to throw down some $ to go ahead and get the paid upgrade done and out of the way. Thanks to the BinaryNights dudes for making that happen. I don’t love everything about the 2.0 version of FL — there are some aspects of the 1.0 versions that are gone that I preferred and some of the UI decisions have struck me as either superfluous or just outright wonky — but we can’t all get our way and overall I dig 2.0 enough that I didn’t even have to think about it when I saw the news that licenses were available to purchase.

    2. BUT… I’ve got a very serious request for Binary Nights and all other Indie Dev Shops:

    Give us a daddgumm manual. The Binary Nights dudes have been on the ball with regard to Help Docs in the past and only just now have joined the club of Indie Dev Companies that push out Apps without giving proper user documentation. You gotta understand that neglecting this very core aspect of customer support only generates frustrated complaint comments — this post already has quite a few of those. The Help menu item in FL 2 sends us to the wiki for FL 1, which was last updated March 2010. I may have overlooked something in my haste but their appears to be no documentation for the 2.0 version on the help wiki. One could argue that documentation isn’t all that crucial, and I can see the merits of such an argument because on the whole Forklift 1 & 2’s functionality is quite clear and there is very little room for self-inflicted confusion (as is the case with most Mac Apps), but the bottom line is that the tech community maxim — RTFM — exists for a reason. Software worth purchasing and purchasing over and over again as it is improved with the development of iterations and major upgrades tends to be powerful, useful software that makes the lives of its users easier. Forklift 1 & 2 fall under this category as do many other apps I have purchased — but when I’ve got to go out of my way to try and figure out all the new features and how they work it winds up being very time consuming and frustrating. My experience as an owner of FL 1 has me convinced that this and any other issues that may arise will be addressed and fixed as quickly as possible because that’s been my past experience as a customer here.

    3. The new website is pretty and an improvement aesthetically speaking — but it feels kinda creepy when you guys roll out the changes the way you did. Moreover there was valuable information in previous blog entries and old forum posts — it would help everyone involved if links to them were made easily found so that folks don’t hammer the comments section inquiring about issues that have been discussed/explained previously because such comments make it harder for everyone else to benefit from news about the application.

    4. Lastly, I know I read at least a couple of comments that were generic complaints stating that the new release wasn’t worth the upgrade price — that’s an understandable opinion and your prerogative but please consider that most people didn’t come to this blog post to read your whiny complaint.

    5. Pointing out bugs & offering constructive criticism SHOULD be posted here in my opinion because until a forum or some other solution is provided this is the only place the FL user community has to discuss, interact, and help one another like we have in the past via the support forums. This is the sensible thing to do. An example — say a bug exists that the FL devs are already aware of and are actively working to fix — it only hampers the ability to squash the bug if their inboxes are being flooded with messages all of which are clammering to point out the bug. Whereas if folks mention a bug here then they won’t waste their time firing off crash reports when they can see that there is a comment from a Binary Nights Support Dude that states they know about it and are working on it. Obviously a forum would be ideal for this but we don’t have that right now.

    6. Um, thanks for making Forklift 2 — so far I think that the 19 bucks I paid for the upgrade was worth every penny.

  65. Lebostein says:

    What does [cmd] + [.] ????
    I have pressed this accidentally Actually, I wanted press [cmd] + [L] to calculate size. The marked files and folder are disappeared!!! They are deleted? Please help!!!!!

    1. mudi says:

      Just hit refresh and they will reappear. They are not deleted.

      1. Lebostein says:

        Thanks! 🙂
        What is this? I can’t found this key combination in preferences…

  66. Lebostein says:

    “Move to” from Fat32 partition to an other partition don’t work.

    1. buckrogers says:

      Makes me wonder why Windows Commander and DOpus never gave me troubles by doing so …..

      1. Lebostein says:

        No problem with “Path Finder” and “Disk Order”. It works with ForkLift, If I copy the file first and delete the source on FAT32 partition. But “Move to” is deactivated in menu and symbol bar.

    2. Lebostein says:

      Same problem in the other direction (Mac -> FAT32). The “Move to” command is deactivated. “Copy to” works….

    3. Lebostein says:

      Can anybody confirm that? It is impossible to move files between USB-Stick (FAT32) an hard disk drive (Mac)

      1. Gly says:

        We disabled the move functionality between volumes by purpose due to a bug in an OS X Snow Leopard core API that could lead to loss of data. Once Apple fixes this issue we will enable the move functionality between volumes again. This doesn’t affect moving within the same volume.

  67. buckrogers says:

    Overwriting multiple files on Remote Server

    I have a very stupid question.
    Yes – i admit it’s very stupid …. I just dont understand FL2’2 logic …. yet again.

    Overwriting multiple files on a remote server will cause the “STOP, Skip, Replace” dialog to appear …

    So far so good …

    Checking “Apply to all” and hitting “replace” will then cause the “Stop, Skip, Replace” dialog to appear again …

    This is with the latest update …

    My stupid and outrageous question therefore is :

    WHY ?!?!?

    1. Gly says:

      Hi buckrogers,


      regarding your question I suppose this happens because ForkLift separately asks for Merge, Replace and Resume policies. You can predefine these settings in the transfer queue by clicking on the drop-down with the gear, then choose conflict handling and set the policies as you prefer.


      We would like to ask you again to contact us via e-mail if you would like to help solve your many problems as that would be much more constructive and would help to actually fix eventual errors. Feel free to also post them here, but as long as we have no way to communicate with you we can’t really figure out what’s wrong and thus can’t help you…





      1. buckrogers says:

        I think it’s more helpful to discuss these issues in public, as other Users might come across the same problems … after all we’re the few ones left who believe in you …. so I guess everyone appreciates a comment about bugs that are a problem for everyone …

        1. buckrogers says:

          Forgot …. it’s not a policy issue 😉

          BUUUUUUG !!

  68. Plob says:

    How I can show the left pane? I have hide it accidentally (I don’t know how I do this).

    1. Nate Beaty says:

      View > Zoom Out (or most likely cmd-shift-p).

      This is asked often enough that I think it should be more obvious. “Zoom In” and “Zoom Out” don’t really mean anything to me as a user — but I also can’t fathom why I’d ever want to use ForkLift in single-pane mode.

      1. Nate Beaty says:

        Or, if you’re talking about the sidebar, it’s also in the View menu, see View > Show Sidebar.

  69. BobnMary says:

    I’m very very happy with your product. Thanks for listening to users, and thanks for a job well done.

    Sorry I don’t have any complaints.


  70. brh says:

    I guess my last comment re: pricing wasn’t appreciated, as it got swallowed up, despite my having commented here often enough before… I’m still curious as to whether your statement from the past that those who paid $45 for FL1 would get a free upgrade to FL2 (this statement made on your blog on July 1, 2009 in the post – Affordable Software… It’s still on the Google!)

    1. Gly says:

      Yes this statement definitely stands, everyone who purchased a $44.95 license is eligible for a free upgrade. If you would like to upgrade your $44.95 license free of charge please use the relevant ForkLift 1 serial in our online store.

      1. brh says:

        Huh, okay, it wasn’t (well, isn’t) working for me… Now I’m more just curious – if I email in my serial, can you guys look it up and see how much I paid? Wondering if I got some deal I don’t remember or something, though I know it was in the infancy of the program (I beta tested FL1 and then bought it! :)) Anyway, sorry to have come off harsh — I think this thread is making people tense…

        1. Gly says:

          Sure, just send us an e-mail with your serial and I will check, and don’t worry you didn’t really come off harsh, your question was absolutely appropriate.

  71. Lebostein says:

    Inconsistent behavior:
    – Result of “Split” appears in the pane opposite
    – Result of “Combine” appears in the pane opposite
    – Result of “Compress” appears in the same (!) pane

    PS: Why there is no “Decompress/Extract” function? I would like to click on a package and press “Decompress” in toolbar to extract the full content to the pane opposite. At the the only way is:
    – double click on package
    – select all files and directories inside
    – press copy

    1. Gly says:

      thanks for the feedback, partly you are right but there are some reasons why we decided to do it this way. Nevertheless we are already considering how we can make this more consistent.

      you can do that already. Simply right click on the file and choose Extract from the context menu or select the archive in one of the panes and choose Extract from the File menu. If you usually would like to extract archives instead of browsing them you can change the default behavior by unchecking Treat Archives as folders under General in Preferences.

      1. Lebostein says:

        Thanks! Can you add a toolbar icon for extract? There are icons for Split/Combine. It should also provide icons for Compress/Extract (an open box for example).

      2. forky says:

        1. In keyboard select mode, when selecting multiple compressed files, I would expect to be able to extract all within the selection. But it is not possible like that.
        2. Btw, from other 2-pane File managers (Krusader, TotalCmd) I am used to get the extracted files in the opposite pane. You mentioned reasons, why you do not do it like that atm, can you explain those please? Maybe we can help on thinking about this issue.
        3. Navigating into an archive and then copying stuff into an admin folder like /Applications is not possible, I would expect to get asked for superuser creds.


      3. Lebostein says:

        I think split/combine and compress/extract are the same category of file preparation to upload and share. I am a little bit confused: in menu I found split/combine in “Tools” and compress/extract in “File”.

  72. buckrogers says:

    FL2´s OSX integration …

    One thing I do not understand …

    FL2 is cut off from the OS.

    For a descent work flow one needs access from and to FL2 from anywhere …

    Missing basic features in Fl2:

    OSX sidebar integration :
    accessible from the load/save dialogs in any application – they hold most of our favorites and “SMART FOLDERS” which dramatically increase working speed

    Recent Folders:
    accessible from any load/save dialog – they are e.g. the folders we just saved a file to ….. why cant we quickly access it fom FL2 ??

    Contextual Menu:
    Fl2 doesnt offer any of the contextual menu items, including system extensions (compression, productivity tools etc.) …. why ? … this is so easy to implement

    the services menu, which holds additional productivity tools is missing

    and finally …. the most important feature of all …

    Global Reveal in Fl2 Shortcut:
    open any file from anywhere in FL2 (same tab or new tab left or right prefs)
    this is key if you want Fl2 to become the center of your file management

    Without those features …. its a time-consuming process to manually browse to the directories you were just working on in another application.

    In fact – it´s even faster in the finder to do that …

    Just dont get why FL2 is cut off from all the benefits of system-wide features and lives in it’s own little world.

    1. buckrogers says:


      1. Get Butler

      2. Create a new applescript inside butlers config

      tell application “Finder” to activate
      tell application “Finder” to try
      set TheSelection to the selection as alias as text — error if other than a single selection
      tell application “ForkLift”
      open TheSelection
      end tell
      end try

      3. Assign a hotkey to the applescript inside butler

      This way you can add all sorts of crutches to FL2 where it needs them ….

  73. Lebostein says:

    It’s planed to add language support?

    1. Lebostein says:

      Can I found and edit a language file anywhere in your program data?

    2. Gly says:

      Definitely and first of all German as it’s my second mother-tongue
      and many more are to come as well.

  74. Lebostein says:

    “Select…” is very involved:
    1. Press [alt] + [cmd] + [S]
    2. Wait, if the input line is faded in
    3. Input filter
    4. Move mouse to [+]
    5. Press [+]

    Better and faster:
    1. Press [alt] + [cmd] + [S] to pop up the input dialog
    2. Input filter
    3. Press Enter

    1. Lebostein says:

      With keyboard selection, files are marked red after selection with “Select..” but they are not selected!!! Look in status bar!

  75. Sergej says:

    After using beta for a while I have recently upgraded from Forklift 1.7.x to 2.0.x. One of the things I’ve come to like are synclets which worked perfectly for me.

    Oddly enough, this seems to have stopped working in the final release of Forklift 2.0.x. I’m getting the following error whenever I try to upload large files (e.g. 8MB):

    – Upload error: Operation timed out.

    I have tried reinstalling the app and even clearing the application cache but neither had helped. Wondering if anyone has the same problem or has any ideas how to solve it? Droplets seem to have the same problem.

    Once again, just in case – it’s really frustrating especially since it worked fine in beta versions. Any help is appreciated.

    Otherwise, great app and I’m sure it’ll get even better with each following version.

    MacBook Pro 2.4GHz (early 2008 model), 4GB RAM, Snow Leopard 10.6.5

  76. Smook says:

    how to make the “move to” active in forklift?

  77. Some1 says:

    Bought it today, although my trial version showed me it would expire in 12 days for more than 2 weeks.

    1. Kev says:

      That’s because the application was updated three times since the release. After an update the trial period will be reset!

  78. Some1 says:

    Connecting to servers as an individual user in an internel network doesn’t work anymore 🙁

  79. Lebostein says:

    Time for a forum. With 150 comments is this blog not user-friendly….

    1. Gly says:

      We are working on it.

  80. Lebostein says:

    I see the version 2.03
    Where I can find changes between versions 2.00 and 2.03?

  81. matthieu says:


    I paid for the 2.0 upgrade but wish to downgrade now
    How can I get rid of the “there is an upgrade” message?


    1. Gly says:

      To turn of automatic updates please choose Preferences from the ForkLift menu, click on Update and uncheck the box in front of Check for updates automatically.

      1. matthieu says:

        Thanks !

  82. Richard says:

    Just seen the SCO video and the app looks cool, been put off a bit my some of the bug related comments.

    I’ll give it a try and see what I think.

    Would like to have the little expand triangles though like Total Finder and also the Cut command like Total Finder. Not keen on stacks emptying, seem a bit of a gimmick.

    Would also be cool to have tabs there by default rather than having to open in them, unless it does this not had a proper good play yet.

    Whether I will stop using Total Finder and Transmit remains to be seen.

    Like the icon and your website though….

    1. Spaceman says:


      Just curious, how well is Total Finder working. I tried the early betas and they were buggy. The only thinks holding me off of Forklift is the lack of more robust ‘Finder Override’ ability (ie. double click an icon and it opens in FL). This is a feature that I believe that Total Finder had. Also, the deactivated ‘Move’ feature, and the multitude of bugs that were being reported in the old Forum. I would be really interested in hearing your comparison of FL and Total Finder.



  83. Ip Hider says:

    Thanks for the help, great post!

  84. TF has just had a decent upgrade and it is now much better. The Cut feature works great for me now.

    There is no longer any flicker either when you open TF from the Mac HD icon.

    It still does need some work though in my view. When dragging files in between tabs doesn’t seem to work that well. For instance the copy progress dialogue sits behind the TF window.

    I really like the concept of FL but does seem to have a few things missing just yet although I will give it a good go and see what I think.

    Have you tried Path Finder? Whats this like now? When I tried it this had some flaws.

    I totally agree with you though Spacemen, I think an option to override the Finder with FL. Path Finder does offer this functionality but when I tried it about a year back it didn’t work properly.


  85. Lovely app. Clean UI, and file transfer speeds are phenomenal. Two requests: “Cover Flow” view could generate images faster; and could there be a preference to open local files in a custom editor by double-clicking, please?

    1. buckrogers says:

      QUOTE “Lovely app. Clean UI, and file transfer speeds are phenomenal. ”

      Dont get it ….. shouldnt FL just enable you to use you maximum bandwith with any remote server – just like any other app ?

      Are we that happy about something that’s actually working in FL2 …. that we even start posting features that are not even features ? 😀

      Anyway ….. where the icon resize slider in icon view ? Gone with the wind ? Was a great feature ….. well ….. another one down ……

      1. Gly says:

        No the icon size slider is not gone with the wind, you can find it in View Options (cmd-J or View > Show View Options)

    2. Gly says:

      You can set up opening files in an editor of your choice on double click if you open the Get Info window on a file of the type you would like to set up for being opened in a specific kind of editor, choose the editor of your choice from the Open with drop down menu and click on the Change all… button

  86. Marko says:

    Could you add an RSS to the blog so that it is easier to subscribe to news on the blog?

  87. Max says:

    Just tested Forklift. It’s a very nice application!!!

    The only thing holding me off of Forklift is the lack of those triangles where you can expand the folders. Are you planing to add these little triangles? I really miss them.

    Gly, you said there will be a german language support, when are you planing to add this?


    1. Gly says:

      Hi Max,

      We plan to add the disclosure triangles at some point in a future update.
      I am working on the German localization, but I don’t want to promise an exact date.
      It should be available soon.

      1. Max says:

        Thank you very much for the quick response!

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