Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Locko's user manual?

Open Locko and choose Locko Help from Help menu, or click on this link.

What happens if I forgot the Master Password?

Forgotten Master Password makes the protected data unreachable and there is no way to recover it.

What can I do if Locko Extension does not open?

Go through on our troubleshooting guide.

How can I use the extension in Safari for iOS?

Tap the Share icon in Safari when you are on a website you want to log in and select Locko from the black and white icons. If you can't see Locko, tap the More button in Safari's Share dialog to activate it.

I'm making changes in the desktop version of Locko and these aren't being synced to Locko for iOS. What can I do?

After an item is created or modified in Locko, iCloud handles the sync and we can’t control it. Sometimes the database is synced immediately, sometimes it takes minutes or more. Please go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and turn Locko off, then turn it on again. Restarting the app is required.

Why iCloud is not in the demo version?

iCloud synchronization is available exclusively in the Mac App Store version due to Apple restrictions.

Bug reports and feature requests

For ideas, suggestions, bug reports, or general questions about Locko, please contact us at