Locko is the most secure way to store your sensitive personal information. It makes your everyday life much easier. You need to remember only one password from now on.

No more weak and forgotten passwords


Browser Extensions

Should you install Locko's browser extension, never again need you to struggle with forgotten passwords, besides you will gain safe and easy access to all your websites with just a single click.

Cloud Sync

Locko will keep your data in sync on all your devices using iCloud or Dropbox. It will automatically synchronize changes on the fly as soon as you've made them.


Locko employs AES-256 encryption to achieve the maximum level of protection. No one but you can get access to your data.

Import and Export

Do you use the competitor product and don't want to re-add all your data? Import feature takes the burden off your shoulders.

Photo Gallery

At last one application in which you can store photos not really fitting Photos app. As you see, Locko will protect your private life in every aspect.

File Vault

Locko can encrypt and store files of any kind. Only your local or cloud storage capacity can set the limit.

Quick Look

Using the Quick Look feature, you can quickly view the contents of an image or a file with one simple keystroke.

Secure Notes

Stop using unprotected notes for your sensitive private information and store your notes as secure as your passwords.

Password Generator

Locko can generate super secure, extra strong passwords which do not need to be remembered at all, but can be evoked with just one click at any time.

Simplicity and Beauty

The intuitive easy use, and the eye-catching clean interface are as important as providing absolute security.

Lockofor iOS

Your personal data is always with you on the way.
Right in your pocket.