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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I restore ForkLift 2 favorites and passwords from backup?

1) Look up ForkLift's preference file on your backup at ~/Library/Preferences/com.binarynights.ForkLift2.plist
2) Since Mavericks, the OS caches the preferences so you need to force-kill 'cfprefsd' process in Activity Monitor before pasting the plist file.
3) Copy com.binarynights.ForkLift2.plist from backup to ~/Library/Preferences/
4) Passwords are stored in Keychain. To restore passwords, copy login.keychain file from backup: ~/Library/Keychains/ to the same path on your OSX volume. Open Keychain Access and select 'File > Add Keychain…’ from menu and add the previously copied login.keychain file.

Q: I downloaded the latest upgrade for ForkLift and my old serial number doesn't work anymore. Why?

A: ForkLift 2 is our first paid upgrade since 4 years, therefore you need to visit our shop and use your old serial number if you would like to upgrade your license.

If you don't wish to upgrade you can rollback to 1.7.8 by downloading and reinstalling it.

You can download the old version from here.

Q: Am I eligible for a free upgrade and if yes why does my serial number not work in ForkLift 2?

A: Customers who bought ForkLift 1.x after 30.04.2010 or bought a license for $44.95 are eligible for a free upgrade.

If you are eligible for a free upgrade you need to get a fresh ForkLift 2.0 license in our web-store free of charge. Simply paste your ForkLift 1.x serial in the serial field and once the $19.95 price tag changed to FREE UPGRADE click on it to retrieve your new license.

Q: What are Disklets and how do I use them?

A: Disklets allow you mount any of your remote connections, making them appear to your Mac as local drives. Once mounted you can directly access your files on the server from any app.

To mount a remote connection as a Disklet right click on a remote favorite in the favorites manager or in the sidebar and choose Mount as Disk.

Q: Does ForkLift support public key authentication over SFTP?

A: Yes ForkLift will automatically use public key authentication for SFTP connections if you have the necessary PEM files in a .ssh folder in your home folder (~/.ssh/).

Q: How can I transfer my Mac App Store purchase to the non-MAS version?

A: Please send us the iTunes receipt of your ForkLift purchase (or a screenshot of the receipt) to support@binarynights.com and we will provide you a standard license.

Bug reports and feature requests

For ideas, suggestions, bugreports or general questions about ForkLift, please email us at.